Epitomize is a proteomics analysis tool that creates .ez2 files from Sequest search data.  The program uses a Bayesian modeling algorithm to assign probabilities to each of the spectral peptide identifications.  The .ez2 is a modified .zip file that contains XML files describing the proteins and spectra found that pass the probability threshold. In addition, the file also contains the original .out and .dta files for the retained identifications as well as the protein sequences of identified proteins.  Other files included in the .ez2 file are the Sequest and Extract log files as well as chromatogram data. Epitomize can also output html files as well as a FASTA file of the indentified proteins. The Epitomize program can be run as a command line program or used with the supplied wrapper.pl or Visualize to supply a GUI interface.  Included in the sample data is a set of Sequest results, an indexed protein database and Bayesian model file practice using Epitomize with.

Installation Instructions

Epitomize is provided as a Perl source code file: