Visualize is a workstation based tool that allows the user to visualize and analyze proteomics data in the .ez2 format produced by ViPDAC (Virtual Proteomics Data Analysis Cluster), the MAPW (MCW Automated Proteomics Workflow) or the Epitomize program.  In addition to being able to view the protein, peptide and spectral data, the user can carry out analysis of modifications, cleavage sites, amino acids.  Protein lists can be annotated using included databases (GO, KEGG, serum, membrane and mitochondrial proteins) as well as using user generated lists.  Results from multiple .ez2 files can be combined both between experiments and for the same experiment from searches using different parameters or algorithms. Visualize can also compare results from multiple files and quantitate using either spectral counting or SILAC using the SPeCtRA method.   Results can be exported in a number of different formats including a journal report format. 

Installation Instructions

Current Release

Windows 32-bit Downloads:

Windows 64-bit Downloads:

Reference Downloads:

Previous Releases:

  • visualize_144_setup.exe
    This .exe file contains the Visualize installer program.
  • visualize_144.exe
    This program can be run without installation and does not require any administrator privileges.
    This .zip file contains the same supplementary databases as the pro setup file.  These files should be placed in the same folder as the Visualize Program.
  • visualize.pdf
    PDF file containing help for Visualize
  • sample_data.ez2
    Sample data to explore the functions of Visualize with.